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Room Additions
Putting together all of the details of an addition to your home can be overwhelming. Natural Breeze Remodeling can help you through this time consuming hurdle from design to final touches, Some helpful ideas are: Know your desires and priorities - this will help you achieve your goals and help you focus on design and setting up your budget. Set up a "clip" file, a large envelope or file folder where you can store ideas, sketches, and photos.

Almost every remodeling project is limited to a budget and only you know how much you are willing to invest. If you plan on living in your home for awhile, the less concerned you should be with the ultimate resale. If resale is a consideration - talk to real estate agents to find out what helps sell a home and increase its value in your neighborhood.

When adding to your living space, special care must be taken into consideration during the design process so the overall look is appropriate to your present home. How will the space be used and are there any special needs that must be addressed? How will the addition affect the present structure - will walls be knocked out, windows replaced, will additional plumbing be needed? Many issues need to be considered so that the final result is completely what you and your family desire.

Take time with your family to brainstorm ideas about your needs and expectations. How will the space be used to enhance your living conditions is very important. What is your budget? Keep in mind that the cost of adding onto a home begins around $200 per square foot and can be greatly affected by final design, finishes and fixtures. We do not use square foot pricing for our projects however this should give you an idea of what to expect. Your home is an investment; most often the best investment you can make which balances your life style and resale value.

"After looking at a lot of houses further west that had the kind of spaces we wanted, we decided we liked our present location and decided to build on. This also allowed us to design exactly what we wanted, and without having to move. The teenagers now have a great new rec room for hanging out with friends.

The extra space around the new kitchen allows hosting large gatherings and the deck has transformed the back yard. Now that it's done, we're trilled with the new space and happy to in the location that suits us so well."

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