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This residence was built in 1911 by Harriet E. Tanner, an early Lawrence residential designer and mother of Edward Tanner, the architect for much of the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City...Click Here to Read More!

Lawrence Kansas Historic Renovations
Old, historic buildings have character and personality that newer buildings lack, but they often have outdated utilities or have been neglected and need repairs. While any commercial or residential remodeler can construct an addition or renovation on a newer building, historic renovation projects require a special touch that only a historic renovation contractor, such as Lawrence, Kansas-based Natural Breeze, can provide.

A historic building renovation project requires special care and consideration. Historic renovation involves a delicate balance between maintaining the architectural style and historic legacy of the building and meeting current building codes and incorporating modern technology and conveniences. A good historic renovation contractor like Natural Breeze will not only be familiar with current building codes and building techniques, but will have extensive knowledge of the building styles and materials of the period in which the building being renovated was constructed, ensuring that the completed historic renovation will be as historically accurate as possible.

Natural Breeze performs historic renovations on all types of historic buildings, including historic homes, barns, schools, churches, banks, warehouses, and more. A historic renovation can vary in scope, including historic restoration to the building’s original condition, constructing an addition to a historic building, or converting a building for a new purpose. A historic renovation may involve updating the electrical or heating and cooling systems or replacing windows with energy-efficient styles while keeping the rest of the building intact or it may involve completely gutting the building.

In most cases, Natural Breeze will remove the historical materials, restore and preserve them as needed, and then reinstall them. In cases where historical materials are damaged beyond use, efforts are employed to replicate those materials, mimicking the techniques used during the original construction. When adding an addition to a historic building, Natural Breeze ensures that the architectural style of the original structure is replicated accurately, resulting in a seamless addition and continuity of the building’s character.

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Historic East Lawrence Kitchen Renovation

Kanwaka Township Hall

Buck Creek School House

Lamborn Barn in Leavenworth County

1145 Indiana, Lawrence, KS

Whole house interior remodel of 4 apartments that included: selective demolition, insulating of walls, ceilings, and between floors,all new mechanical systems, new boiler, new drywall and plaster repair, new bathrooms and kitchens, refinishing of original hardwood floors, painting and staining of woodwork, sprinkler system, fire alarm system, and an all entry system with tenant remote and intercom.