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  • Fine Tuning: Requires a fair amount of time and the efforts of many different trades
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The Remodeling Process
Remodeling projects seem to have some common high and low points for many homeowners. If you are a seasoned remodeling veteran, you may already know what to expect. If you have not lived through a remodeling project before, however, you are probably approaching your project with some degree of both anxiety and excitement. The purpose of this is not to cast a shadow of doubt on your project before it starts, but rather simply point out some of these high and low points that naturally occur in the course of most remodeling projects. This way, you will have a realistic idea of what to expect. We know that your remodeling project is more than just a job to you, it's a major impact on your life. This is something that will be permanent to your home. Natural Breeze strives to make this as painless as possible for you.

First, every remodeling job creates some degree of disorder, dust, uncertainty, and inconvenience. People will be tearing apart your house and putting it back together again - many of the people you haven't met before. We understand that this can be an unsettling experience and, accordingly, we expect our crews and subcontractors to respect the fact that this is your home they are working in and not a vacant warehouse. We want you to know that if you have any problems in this area we will take immediate steps to correct them.

Second, remodeling proceeds in stages. One of the most difficult stages is working through the planning and design process. It is critical that the necessary time be spent early on to ensure a successful outcome. We are here to assist you in developing and spelling out your ideas and wishes.

Another difficult early stage is the demolition phase. The insides of your house will be exposed. Electrical, heating, or plumbing services may be intermittently interrupted during this time. Dust, dirt, and debris piles will be visible in and around the work area. You may be asked to clean out cabinets, take pictures off the wall, or even empty entire rooms. All of this can be rather stressful.

However, don't worry - the demolition phase goes quickly, and will be cleaned up just as rapidly. Once the framing nears completion, people usually feel optimistic and start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. After the framing is completed and the plumbing, electrical, and mechanical work are underway, the project can appear to slow down because the progress is not as dramatic and visible as in the framing phase. However, a lot of detail work is done at this time. For instance, there are many required inspections by building officials. It's critical that the work be done thoroughly at this point prior to insulating and closing the walls with drywall.

Next, comes the drywall stage which, most people are excited about. When the walls are covered with drywall, suddenly the rooms take on their true proportions and people start to imagine what it will be like to move back in. This phase is usually messy. We take a number of precautionary steps however the dust is fine and can filter through out the house regardless of all the steps taken to minimize the infiltration.

Unfortunately, the final phase of all the work, after the drywall, can seem to take a long time. The finish work - grading and exterior concrete flat work; interior and exterior painting; installation of all interior doors and finish work; installation of cabinets, tile, and floor coverings; installation of finish plumbing and electrical fixtures; installation of shelving, closet poles, mirrors, glass shower doors, hardware, appliances, etc. - requires a fair amount of time and the efforts of many different trades. Despite our best efforts and procedures some difficulties may arise. Plumbing leaks, rain infiltration, delays due to scheduling conflicts, and accidents may happen. Remember this is a human endeavor.

Nevertheless, thanks to a well-planned and coordinated scheduling effort during this phase, the day arrives when your project is completed. Finally, your house is once again your private residence, free of constant construction activity that has transformed your ideas and plans into the new spaces that you will enjoy for years to come.


"Natural Breeze's excellent service and quality construction made a big difference to us in undertaking all of this.

The personal care and help in navigating in a large project was much appreciated.The crew was great to have around and did a good job. And now we have a well built and delightful new space to enjoy with friends and family. We are very pleased!"

"The attention to detail and cleanliness was a blessing."

"Natural Breeze took care of everything, even turning on/off the sprinklers while we were out of town for most of the work."

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